For students: how to use this blog

This blog contains articles about racialized issues, that is, issues which have been (or still are) attributed to race or linked to race, such as violence, sexuality, poverty, disease, ect. Once a week students will post a comment of at least 2 paragraphs (at least 4 sentences per paragraph) that relates one of the homework readings or class discussions to one of these public events or topics.

The purpose is to apply the theory to current events through analysis, explanation and questions. Students should comment on 6 articles in the semester and at least 3 should be articles that someone else has already commented on. For those 3, incorporate their views or respond to their claims in your comment so that a conversation begins to emerge.

The goal is to practice discussing race in a semi-public forum so that when the time comes, you have evidence to back up your ideas and feel comfortable expressing your opinions.


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