After being disinvited from TEDx, Bronx resident Tanya Fields creates her own local food movement event


Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition

The true scale of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade has been laid bare in documents revealing how the country’s wealthiest families received the modern equivalent of billions of pounds in compensation after slavery was abolished.

The Thing About Being A Little Black Girl In the World: For Quvenzhané Wallis

Black Freaks, Black Fags, Black Dykes: Re-imagining Rebecca Walker’s “Black Cool”

15037_10151311871680791_1210328814_nEnter Scene: I am walking in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn—where we do more than die, by the way—rocking a close fade with two parts on the side, a full beard and mustache lined up perfectly, eyes protected by a pair of fresh chocolate browline frames (I was two blocks from Malcolm X boulevard, after all). I am donning a fitted button-up white shirt, closed off with a pink and gray striped bowtie, form-fitting charcoal gray blazer, dark blue kinda-skinny jeans, and a pair of hot pink and silvery gray kicks.

Mad About Black History Month? Take Some #WhiteHistoryClasses

PostBourgie contributor Tracy Clayton aka Brokey McPoverty (you may know her as the woman behind Little Known Black History Facts took over Twitter yesterday when her #WhiteHistoryClasses started trending. You can guess what kind of person it’s intended to poke fun at.

Check out her Storify archive below of her favorite 70+ #WhiteHistoryClasses tweets by folks all across the internet.

The Gloria Anzaldua Under Ground Library

Being a Librotraficante through and through, the first thing I wanted to see when I stepped on to the University of Texas-Pan American Campus in Edinburg was the monument to its star alum-Mexican American literary icon Gloria Anzaldúa.

Yes, of course, her book Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza was part of the brilliant Tucson ISD Mexican American Curriculum that was prohibited under Arizona House Bill 2281, but her work had barrio cred, academic cred, and artistic cred way before that.