It’s a Worldwide Dance Craze, but It’s Not the Real Harlem Shake


One thought on “It’s a Worldwide Dance Craze, but It’s Not the Real Harlem Shake

  1. Ravenna Napp-Shapiro

    “The Wound of Cultural Theft is Still Fresh”

    I find it interesting that the bulk of this article solicits the viewpoint of gratefulness from those that helped popularize the real Harlem Shake. Although the article acknowledges viewpoints of those who “laugh at the controversy” and those that “express anger,” the ultimate focus of the article seemed to say, ‘it’s ok that this Harlem Shake Craze ignited, we’ll make the best out of it.’ To me, this is misleading to the general public. Why is this article so nice? Why does it portray a blatant example of cultural appropriation and voyeurism as not a big deal? Is the article suggesting that the “new” Harlem Shake is a gift to the people of the real Harlem Shake?
    And then, my own place in these questions sets in. Am I being the overreacting white supposed ally? If anyone can be deemed “right” it is those who grew up with the real Harlem shake. I recognize that as a white person I have the privilege to show more anger than a person of color. I also recognize that sometimes a white person’s anger creates more damage to the most vulnerable people instead of supporting them. While keeping this awareness in mind, I am also angry and in agreement with Brittany, Alice, and Laura in their responses to the other blog post regarding the Harlem Shake.


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