Feds free hundreds from immigration detention

Carlos in the news!

Their deportation cases are not being dropped, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The move is in response to looming ‘fiscal uncertainty’ over Friday’s sequestration deadline.


Republicans on Tuesday denounced the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants from federal detention centers as an attempt to frighten Americans into supporting President Obama’s budget spending demands.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,said it was “abhorrent” that Obama would release lawbreakers “to promote his political agenda on sequestration.” He suggested the release was merely a way to pressure Republicans to vote his way.


2 thoughts on “Feds free hundreds from immigration detention

  1. Aidi Hou

    America not only needs an entire immigration law reform, but to actually carry out enforcement that will truly help the Mexican immigrants from persecution. Feds apprehend tens of thousands of illegal immigrants every year by intruding into their houses without any evident search warrant, which clearly states America’s hypocrisy of emphasizing “the people’s rights”, and the dehumanizing incarceration of Latinos every day. Republicans are highly opposing Obama’s proposal on the new immigration law that can imminently be put into effect, claiming “for the safeties of our fellow American citizens”. This claim is politically and mentally irritating for me because of how Republicans have clearly expressed their lack of concern for those of whose ancestors once owned this land, should have an exceptional access to those regions. Furthermore, the existing police forces in U.S. are vigorously active and possess much more advance weaponry to defend the Americans than the illegal immigrants would have, only if they are to instigate chaos. But we know it is virtually impossible for many of them to inflict such circumstance as many of whom are only in the United States to pursue a career opportunity. Logically speaking, these folks have no interest in establishing an abhorrent image for themselves as Mexicans.
    Economically, many of the detention centers are built from a bias of corporate interest. Owners of these facilities depend on enforcement and harshness of anti-immigration laws to be put into effect, thus incarcerating illegal immigrants as their daily customers for profit and revenue. This is another transparency of America’s corrupted economic system in favor of exclusively, the ruling class.
    We, as fellow citizens, who show sympathy towards these people should carry out goals of “collective liberation” for those of who are in grave conditions. The unity of our group will most certainly break the chains of dehumanizing political corps and governments that generate interest off of inhuman immigration laws. This not only augment the equal distribution of wealth and rights, but also to increase the ethnic diversity (melting pot), as once our ancestors had accentuated for the prosperity of America.

  2. Kat Martinez

    I agree with the quote in which Carlos Garcia says that the immigration detention system should be shut down. I also agree with Andy that we should carry out goals of collective liberation for all of our people. Immigrant incarceration is truly mentally and politically irritating, as well as disheartening. Our visit to Puente was a reminder as to the horrors that thousands of our fellow human beings are living with each day. The racist and xenophobic actions of our political leaders (and the corporations that support them) aren’t just hurting immigrants. The financial misfortune of majority America can be blamed on the waste of money on ICE budget, as well as the many other militarization techniques we are employing. I quickly looked up some data as to the budget that is being wasted through ICE: “The largest percentage, 31 percent, is allocated to Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the proposed budget the agency is asking for nearly $12 billion for Customs and Border Protection, up 2 percent from the current budget; and for $5.65 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ” (http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/feb/15/ice-budget-down-4-in-2013-dhs-budget/) I truly hope that the new sequester cuts by Obama do “affect “all core missions” of the department, including the loss of 5,000 border agents” and are just the beginning of the minimization of this budget.


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