Monsanto Assault Meets Aztec Resistance

Monsanto has a map for conquering the world and Mexico is in the center of it.

For nearly two decades the transnational corporation that manufactures the pesticides used across the planet has been trying to take over the global seed market with genetically modified (GM) seed. If successful, most of the food we grow and eat would have to be purchased annually as seed from Monsanto. The mutant plants would grow up addicted to Monsanto herbicides. Local varieties would disappear, and in their place standardized, genetically modified food–doused with chemicals–would fill supermarket shelves and corner stores.


2 thoughts on “Monsanto Assault Meets Aztec Resistance

  1. Alice

    Monsanto is a company literally taking away people’s right to grow their own food. In this case, and in many cases involving monsanto, we are talking about their patents on their GMO seeds which is threatening to destroy local varieties because of cross pollination. Although at first glance, GMO seeds may not seem so bad as they can grow with less water and are already resistant to certain pests, but when taking a harder look, it is obvious that these specialized seeds are not at all to help farmers; but to promote the sales of certain kinds of pesticides. But more importantly, you cannot use seeds from these plants to grow, which is an even more obvious way to stop the cycle of small-scale agriculture where traditionally you use the seeds of the best plants for your next season. Instead, you must buy more seeds each year (from monsanto). Monsanto is capitalizing on the most basic human freedom; to grow your own food, by forcing small and large scale farmers to use these GMO seeds.
    Something else appalling that monsanto does, is that if you are not buying into their trade, monsanto will actually personally attack that farmer with their heavily equipped lawyers. They often do this by showing that your plants have cross-pollinated with monsanto’s patented seeds (either by passing trucks or nearby farmers who are using the GMO seeds), which then makes those plants legally monsantos plants. Even if monsanto is not successful in these lawsuits, the farmers have gone bankrupt with having to pay their own lawyers for protection.

  2. AdamD

    As far as Monsanto goes, they have played a major hand in the human and environmental destruction that has plagued third world countries, particularly countries with predominantly non-white populations. They created a near monopoly on production and use of GM seeds, and acquired a fortune due to laws that stated that if seeds from Monsanto accidentally manage to find their way onto non-gmo farmland, the farmers can be sued for patent infringement or they can pay Monsanto a fee. They also can afford to sell produce cheaper than organic and natural produce farms and companies can, and as a result, the grocery chains buy and sell Monsanto mutant produce, covered in pesticides.
    Cheap produce from Monsanto seeds is not only environmentally degrading, the produce due to its cheap price is often sold to those with lower incomes, exposing them to more chemicals and allergens than people who can afford better options. Unfortunately, the majority of inner city populations across the Americas that live poverty are considered minority populations, and for many of them natural and organic options are not available, resulting in higher rates of chemical and food related illness and diseases. It was not enough for Monsanto to target the poor and the minorities in the USA, they started reaching internationally, and now they have the green light to supply Mexican farms with their junk seed. This is a huge affront to the still existing cultures and people of the Aztec and Maya who were so reliant on corn that they even each had a god of corn. Monsanto, by invading Mexico, is not only conducting cultural bias, they are also participating in cultural genocide of the Mayas and Aztecs.


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