Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy To Task


2 thoughts on “Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy To Task

  1. Alice McKusick

    Toni Morrison tells it as it is: racism affects everyone. And she asks us, what are we without race? What are we without racism? Are we any good? Do we still like who we are? These questions are extremely powerful and they illustrate that race has been constructed. Today, there are different real-lived experiences around what race you are considered to be, this results from the creation of race (and putting values on different skin) in the US. Because of this historical context, when Toni Morrison asks white people, “what are you without race?” she is asking about humanity and morals. If white people “can only be tall when someone else is on their knees” then white people have a very serious problem. White people rely upon others (mainly people of color) being put down for their own economic and social benefits, Toni Morrison is asking us to examine this relationship. And then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But to NOT drag people of color into that fight. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves, organize and even work on an interpersonal level.
    On a final note, I want to mention that the interviewer in this clip is extremely annoying and inappropriate. He interrupts and speaks over Toni Morrison as if she does not have much to say. He also asks (more like begs and demands) her to give white people FREE advice. If he was listening to her, he would know that that is not her responsibility and that he should go out and educate himself. And if she was going to give him advice, it wouldn’t be free.

  2. Charlii Smith

    YES! tell it like it is Alice! lol Totally agree the interviewer is supremely rude. If he would sit back and listen to what she was really saying, there would not be any need to ask anymore questions. The main point that resonated with me in this clip was her pointing out that white supremacy essentially takes a toll on both black and white parties. I also LOVE how she points out how she is superior than others.


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