White People Have to Give Up Racism

Protesters march in memory of Trayvon Martin. (Frank Reynolds.)

Last week, I argued that a repeal of so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws and the outlawing of racial profiling are necessary but insufficient to prevent murders like that of Trayvon Martin. On Twitter, someone asked me, “What’s your solution?” My short answer: white people have to give up racism.


One thought on “White People Have to Give Up Racism

  1. Alice McKusick

    This fantastically blunt article is exactly the type of reading I want my parents to read. Smith tells it how it is as he tells white people to confront our place in the system that is perpetuating racism. He is not shamming white folks, buts is asking us to be aware that we are benefiting form this system, then we need to listen to people of color, diversify our media consumption and of course, be aware that there is a problem in the first place.

    In many ways this article really sums up this class for me. I really appreciate how Smith is focused on all white people (anti-racist organizers to republicans). I like that he does this because I have seen other white folks embody a sort of “I’m better then you” attitude because of their anti-racist work. Even though this work is important, and is the work I personally want to do with my life, it does not remove me as a white person benefiting from the racist system. This awareness is imperative if I want to be at all helpful.


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