I’m Tired of Explaining Why I’m Offended by a Racist Drag Queen

On the first of February, I awoke to quite the stir on Facebook. A popular local gay bar in my town, Eagle Portland, had booked a drag performance by Shirley Q. Liquor for March. The people of Portland were angry. 

As a person who must be in the know, I started to Google Shirley Q. Liquor to see what I could find. I learned that Shirley Q. Liquor is played by Texas comedian Chuck Knipp, who describes his drag character as “an inarticulate black welfare mother with 19 children.” Her fictional kids children have names like Orangello and Chlamydia and she also drives a Cadillac. Stereotypes abound! As I kept watching Shirley Q. Liquor’s videos, the tropes continue. Shirley is overweight, loud, and—everyone’s favorite—sassy.  To my eyes, his performances are incredibly racist.


One thought on “I’m Tired of Explaining Why I’m Offended by a Racist Drag Queen

  1. AdamD

    This comedian may have lowered the bar for insensitivity. Before the comedian even opens their mouth, they have already managed to offend a ton of people with the character bio. Simply repeating stereotypes, even as a joke, help to continue the perpetual cycle of racism and the people who can’t tell the difference between truth and stereotype. It results in more people repeating falsities in matter of fact ways, just as it helps to serve as a justification for racist beliefs.
    I also can see the offensiveness of naming black children in ways that sound like stereotypical black names, yet are actual things with racist links, such as Orangello, which is based off the stereotype of black people liking orange flavored products such as orange soda. The name Chlamydia could be equating the stereotype of the financially poor black person with the stereotype of poor people being careless and disease ridden. People who watch this performance will likely laugh at the racist overtones thinking it harmless, even though it is very damaging to an entire race of people.


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