On Azealia Banks and White Gay Cis Male Privilege

Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks

Recently, the media has exploded with news of a Twitter battle between rapperAzealia Banks and gossip blogger Perez Hilton. After Hilton inserted himself in an altercation between Banks and fellow female rapper Angel Haze, taking Haze’s side, Banks denounced him as a “messy faggot”. She then went on to say that she used the word to describe “any male who acts like a female”. Rumours have since abounded that Banks is being dropped from her record label as a result of her speaking out against Hilton. Rather than taking sides, I believe it is most important for us to examine the context within which this media escalation has happened. Instead of writing off Azealia Banks, herself a queer woman, as homophobic, we should instead be exploring the femmephobia and racialized sexism at play in the public’s response to this debacle.


One thought on “On Azealia Banks and White Gay Cis Male Privilege

  1. Charlii Smith

    Perez used his male figure in society to fight against Banks. I feel if this was between a white woman and Perez it would have went down completely different. YES , I do feel like Banks was completely out of line in “name calling” toward Perez. In the same breathe however, Banks’ career was set on the line for one slip up. If this was a white woman I do believe Perez would have forgiven it and said it was ” no big deal.” This entire situation was blown out of portion.


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